Measurement Certificates

Obtaining and maintaining a Measurement Certificate for a boat as required by their Class Rules

The Racing Rules of Sailing, Rule 78.1 states:

'78.1 While a boat is racing, her owner and any other person in charge shall ensure that the boat is maintained to comply with her class rules and that her measurement or rating certificate, if any, remains valid.'

Under this rule, the Royal Yachting Association (The National Authority for the United Kingdom) require International and National Class boats racing within the United Kingdom to obtain and maintain a measurement certificate as required by their Class Rules.

It is the owner's responsibility to obtain such certificate and to maintain his boat to the standard required by the class rules.

The RYA offers a Certification service for dinghy and keelboat registration.

First Certification

In order to issue a measurement certificate to a boat, the RYA will require a fully completed measurement form together with a building fee receipt/sail number allocation, and a plaque number (if applicable - some classes do not require this - check the class rules) and the appropriate certification fee (detailed below). The RYA will also require details of the owner's name, address and the club that they sail at, and, if appropriate, the name of the boat. Some classes operate a "unique boat name" and therefore a choice of three names will be required. Upon receipt of all the documentation and fee, provided that all is in order, a measurement certificate will be issued. This measurement certificate will be valid provided no alterations are made to it. If the boat is sold, a new measurement certificate will be required in the new owners name. If any of the details regarding the boat change; for example, the boat is reweighed and a different weight is recorded, then a new measurement certificate will be required.

Re-Issue of a Measurement Certificate

When a boat is sold the Measurement Certificate will become invalid and a new one will be required. In order to obtain a new Measurement Certificate, there are two options.

If your boat is not a National Class then the old original one will need to be returned to the RYA Technical Department together with the necessary certification fee (detailed below) and the details of the new owner's name, address and club that they sail at, and if they wish to change the name of the boat, give details of the new name.

If your boat is a National Class then you can apply for a new certificate online, there is a link to this service in the blue box on the right hand side of this page. Please ensure you are signed into the website, or register if you have not done so. Then go to 'Your Account', following the link found on the top right hand corner of the page. On the left hand side of your screen there will be a list of links including 'Measurement Certification'. Please follow the online instructions. For more detailed directions, please see the document 'How to Order Online Measurement Certificates' on the right of this page.

If any other details are changed, for example the owner moves, or the boat has been reweighed and a new weight recorded, then the old original certificate will need to be returned to the RYA with the new details and the certification fee.

Duplicate Measurement Certificates

Any owner requiring a duplicate measurement certificate is required to pay the flat rate fee, even if they are a member of the RYA.

Certification Fees & Express Certification Fee

The fees for Measurement Certification are the same for new boats and change of ownership or detail. All prices below are inclusive of VAT.

RYA Members - £20.00
Non-member - £40.00
RYA Gold Members - 1 free certificate per calendar year

Express Certification Fee for National Classes

A fee of £20.00 will be levied on all certificates issued within one week of the first race of the National Championships of that year, or during the event itself. This is in addition to the normal charge of £20/£40 for RYA Members/non Members, or for Gold Members the fee will be £20.

The Express Fee is an incentive for sailors who knowingly enter their Class National Championships without the relevant documentation in place.

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