OSR inspections

Yachts competing in OSR Category 0-2 races are required to undergo an inspection by a qualified person of the keel and rudder within two years prior to the start of the race.


Although the term ‘qualified person’ has not been defined within the OSR, the RYA has worked with our team of coding surveyors to provide access to a professional network who can conduct the inspections to a scope set by the RYA, based on the OSR requirements, at a reasonable cost to owners. 

See the map below to find a nearby inspector.


Subject to satisfactory inspection, the RYA will produce a simple ‘Statement of Compliance’ which can be used by owners to demonstrate to organising authorities that they have complied with the new OSR requirements. 

To book an inspection, make contact with your nearest inspector requesting an RYA OSR inspection and providing them with this completed application form.

For full details on the scope of the inspection, click here.



 Hull Length

(rounded to nearest metre)

 10m - 15m  £35 per metre
 16m - 20m  £40 per metre
 21m - 24m  £45 per metre

Fees are payable direct to the Inspector and are not inclusive of VAT or travel expenses.

Owners are resposible for paying inspectors directly and for making necessary arrangements with marinas or boat yards to ensure the yacht can be lifted at the time of the inspection.