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Open Training

This winter RYA Cymru Wales will be hosting Open Training in the following format -

North Wales - Multiclass; Optimist Open, Topper Open,  RS Feva Open

RS Tera's are invited to join the training dates post Christmas

North Wales - Windsurfing Open

West Wales - Multiclass; Optimist Open, Topper Open, RS Feva Open

RS Tera's are invited to join the training dates post Christmas 

South Wales - Optimist Open, Topper Open, RS Feva Open

Provisional dates can be seen in the calendar below:

Due to the uncertainty caused by Covid-19 some venues are still TBC. RYA Cymru Wales will let sailors know ASAP if there are any venue or dates changes. We will endeavour to keep the training in your Region. If we need to cancel any training a full refund will be provided.


Rational for the Open Training

  • The number of sailors applying for Regional Squads has declined in some classes and has plateaued at a low level in other classes.
  • With the ongoing effects of Covid-19 we cannot foresee many new sailors applying for the Regional Squads this winter having missed a summer of sailing.
  • Selecting sailors as young as 8-9 years old can put a lot of pressure on them early on when they should be enjoying their sailing the most.
  • Open training will help create a better link between the OnBoard programme and the Welsh Squad programme.
  • We will provide inclusive training to all who want to attend.
  • Sailors can learn from each other – more experienced sailors and parents can help guide the newer less experienced sailors and parents.


  • 5 weekends from October – March
  • Training for Junior Classes – Optimist, Topper, RS Feva, Windsurfer, RS Tera
  • To add the RS Tera to the classes supported as they are a recognised RYA class 
  • Training will be run in the North, South and West of Wales where possible - Sailors can choose which Region they want to train in
  • We will aim to use clubs with OnBoard Programmes or similar so sailors can join in
  • There will be enough coach support so that sailors can be split into appropriate ability groups/ classes to ensure all sailors needs are catered for
  • The training will be funded and organised by RYA Cymru Wales to keep the cost of training low and accessible
  • Coaches will work as talent scouts identifying and working with younger sailors at club level earlier than we have currently
  • National Level Coaching working alongside local coaches in the Regions to help them develop their skills. - Sailors can opt into event support at class events.
  • RYA Cymru Wales will work alongside clubs and classes so that in the future they can take over the running of the ‘open’ training.
  • Sailors need to have their primary residence in Wales and be a member of a Welsh club


RYA Cymru Wales have heavily subsidised the training this winter to support families through Covid-19. As an additional incentive if you sign up to all 5 training sessions you will be offered a reduced rate. You can also pay as you go at a slightly higher rate.

Single hander - 5 sessions £150 (£30 per weekend)

Single hander - Pay as you go £40 per weekend

Double hander (cost per boat) - 5 sessions £200 (£40 per weekend)

Double hander - Pay as you go £50 per weekend

Who can sign up?

  • Sailors 8years and above
  • Can independently sail around a course in 8-15knots of wind
  • Is able to sail on the water for a 1-2hr sessions 
  • Has been sailing at a club or centre for at least one season
  • Is able to launch and recover their boat with some support
  • Is eager to learn 
  • Sailors from Welsh Squads can also apply 


To sign up to the Open Training click on the links below-

North Windsurfing Open Training

North Open Training - Optimist, Topper, RS Feva, RS Tera

West Open Training - Optimist, Topper, RS Feva, RS Tera

South Open Optimist Training

South Open Topper Training

South Open Feva Training


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