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Youth Performance Programme

The Performance Pathway allows sailors to develop their racing skills and ultimately supports potential sailors to go on to National Squads and possibly an Olympic Pathway.

The RYANI Youth Performance Programme is a fundamental step on the RYA Performance Pathway.  

For selection, consideration will be determined on the basis of a sailor’s performances at class events, the RYANI Youth Championships and observation at Open Pathway Training.  


Youth is classified as under 18 years and Junior as under 15 years in the year of selection.


The RYANI support selected Pathway classes, dependant on numbers and the nature of sailing in the province, Ireland and the UK. These classes are those deemed as ideal for sailors to learn key skills as they mature and could potentially lead them to the Olympic classes (of which there are 10).

Currently the programmes are run in Topper, Laser, 420.


Funding comes from the Sport Northern Ireland. to support training and competition for those showcasing themselves on the Pathway.  Sailors will need to contribute to all RYANI programmes.

The dual nationality of our sailors means that they are free to consider which country they wish to compete for internationally.

Selection Policy

Selection for the programme normally takes place in October each year with sessions taking place over the autumn and winter period.

Selection Policy (pdf)

Online Application

Sailors seeking to apply for a place must fill out the Online Application Form before the start of the Open Training and Selection weekend in their class.

Training Dates

These dates will be confirmed along with venues over the coming month:

Please be aware the 'Land Day' or 'Induction Day' for sailors and parents will be a half day dedicated to informing all about the plans and expectations of the Youth Performance Programme. This will take place on the 4th of November at the Jordanstown University Campus.

Laser and 420 sailors and parent(s) are expected to attend from 10am - 1pm.

Topper sailors and parent(s) are expected to attend from 1pm - 4pm.


 Session  Date Venue 
 Open Pathway Training/ Selection  20/21 October  CSBC
 Land Day  4th November  UUJ
 Topper 1  24/25 November  RNIYC
 Topper 2  15/16 December  EABC
 Topper 3  26/27 January  CSC
 Physical Profiling 2 8th (7pm) February   UUJ
 Topper 4  2/3 March  BYC
 Topper 5  30/31 March  SLYC
 Topper 6  20/21 April  CSBC


Session  Date  Venue
 Open Pathway Training/ Selection  20/21 October  BYC
 Land Day  4th November  UUJ
 Laser 1  17/18 November  BYC
 Laser 2  8/9 December  BYC
 Laser 3  5/6 January  EABC
 Physical Profiling  22nd (7pm) February  UUJ
 Laser 4  16/17 March  EABC
 Laser 5  6/7 April  SLYC
 Laser 6  4/5 May  BYC


 Session Date Venue
 Open Pathway Training/ Selection 13/14 October EABC
 Land Day 4th November


420 1 17/18 November RNIYC
420 2 8/9 December RNIYC
420 3 19/20 January EABC
Physical Profiling 22nd (7pm) February UUJ
420 4 9/10 March  EABC
420 5 13/14 April RNIYC
 420 6 29/30 June EABC

Programme Sailors 2018-19

Further Information
RYANI Code of Conduct
Anti Doping Information
Safeguarding Information

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