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RYA eBook Subscriptions

Annual RYA eBook Subscriptions Through the RYA Books App

These affordable packages provide access to all relevant material for the different RYA training schemes. RYA instructors receive access to additional value-added material for any subscription purchased, based on their instructor credentials.

We also offer access to RYA Wavelength and the RYA Recognition Guidance Notes for instructors.


RYA eBook Subscriptions

Our annual eBook subscriptions give access to the very latest, relevant content for RYA training schemes.

Please note: Prices below are inclusive of UK VAT and after any member or Training Centre discount. Tax charges outside the UK may vary according to your address, because digital purchases must be charged at the local tax rate.

Annual Subscription Prices

(further discounts do not apply)


Order Code


Yachtmaster Scheme Subscription
ES-Y £37.00
Specialist Courses Subscription ES-S £21.00
Power Scheme Subscription ES-P £31.00
Dinghy Scheme Subscription ES-D
Windsurfing Scheme Subscription ES-W £9.00
All Courses Subscription ES-A £52.00
Yachtmaster Scheme Subscription – 24 eBooks
  1. Competent Crew Skills (E-CCPCN)
  2. Yacht Sailing Techniques (E-G94)
  3. Go Cruising! (E-G42)
  4. Pocket Guide to Boating Knots (E-G60)
  5. An Introduction to Navigation (E-G77)
  6. Weather Handbook (E-G133)
  7. Navigation Handbook (E-G6)
  8. Passage Planning (E-G69)
  9. International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (E-G2)
  10. Day Skipper Shorebased Notes (E-DSN)
  11. Day Skipper Sail (E-G71)
  12. Day Skipper Motor (E-G97)
  13. Stability & Buoyancy (E-G23)
  14. Boat Handling for Sail & Power (E-G68)
  15. Training Almanac Northern (E-TAN)
  16. Training Almanac Southern (E-TAS)
  17. Yachtmaster Shorebased Notes (E-YSN)
  18. Yachtmaster Handbook (E-G70)
  19. Yachtmaster Quizzes (E-G79)
  20. Commercial Regulations for Small Vessels (E-G105)
  21. Yachtmaster Instructor Handbook (E-G27)
  22. Astro Navigation Handbook (E-G78)
  23. Day Skipper Practical Course Notes (E-DSPCN)
  24. Boat Safety Handbook (E-G103)

Instructor only content (subject to relevant credentials):

  • Yachtmaster Scheme Syllabus & Logbook (E-G158)
  • Training Chart 3
  • Training Chart 4
  • Training Chart 5
  • Training Chart 6
  • Essential Navigation & Seamanship Exercises & Course Information (E-ENS1)
  • Essential Navigation (E-BNS)
  • Day Skipper Northern Exercises & Course Information (E-DS1 North)
  • Day Skipper Southern Exercises & Course Information (E-DS1 South)
  • Yachtmaster Offshore Northern Exercises & Course Information (E-YM1 North)
  • Yachtmaster Offshore Southern Exercises & Course Information (E-YM1 South)
  • Yachtmaster Offshore Northern Electronic Navigation Resources (E-YMENR North)
  • Yachtmaster Offshore Southern Electronic Navigation Resources (E-YMENR South)
  • Weather Booklet (E-YM7 North)
  • Weather Booklet (E-YM7 South)
  • Yachtmaster Ocean Exercise & Course Information (E-OY1)
  • Yachtmaster Ocean Shorebased Notes (E-OSN)
  • Yachtmaster Ocean Nautical Almanac Extracts (E-OYNA)
  • Yachtmaster Ocean Sight Reduction Tables (E-OYSRT)
Specialist Courses Subscription – 11 eBooks
  1. Weather Handbook (E-G133)
  2. Boat Safety Handbook (E-G103)
  3. Sea Survival Handbook (E-G43)
  4. Boat Maintenance Handbook (E-G104)
  5. Commercial Regulations for Small Vessels (E-G105)
  6. Diesel Engine Handbook (E-G25)
  7. Handy Guide to Marine Radio incl. GMDSS (E-G22)
  8. VHF Handbook (E-G31)
  9. Electrics Handbook (E-G67)
  10. First Aid (E-FAB)
  11. An Introduction to Radar (E-G34)

Instructor only content (subject to relevant credentials):

  • Diesel Engine Course Book
  • Radar Course Book
Power Scheme Subscription – 18 eBooks
  1. Weather Handbook (E-G133)
  2. Go Inland! (E-G54)
  3. Inland Waterways (E-G102)
  4. Handy Guide to CEVNI (E-G106)
  5. European Waterways Regulations (E-G17)
  6. Commercial Regulations for Small Vessels (E-G105)
  7. Start Powerboating (E-G48)
  8. Safety Boat Handbook (E-G16)
  9. Powerboat Handbook (E-G13)
  10. Advanced Powerboat Handbook (E-G108)
  11. Power Schemes Instructor Handbook (E-G19)
  12. Personal Watercraft Handbook (E-G35)
  13. An Introduction to Navigation (E-G77)
  14. Navigation Handbook (E-G6)
  15. Yachtmaster Shorebased Notes (E-YSN)
  16. International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (E-G2)
  17. Pocket Guide to Boating Knots (E-G60)
  18. ICC Handbook (E-G81)

Instructor only content (subject to relevant credentials):

  • Power Schemes Logbook (E-G20)
Dinghy Scheme Subscription – 9 eBooks
  1. Go Sailing! (E-G32)
  2. Start Sailing (E-G3)
  3. Advanced Sailing (E-G12)
  4. Start to Race (E-G66)
  5. Race Coaching Handbook (E-G101)
  6. Handy Guide to Racing Rules (E-YR7)
  7. Optimist Coach (E-G83)
  8. National Sailing Scheme Instructor (E-G14)
  9. Foiling (E-G110)

Instructor only content (subject to relevant credentials):

  • National Sailing Scheme (E-G4)
  • Youth Sailing Scheme (E-G11)
Windsurfing Scheme Subscription – 6 eBooks
  1. Go Windsurfing! (E-G76)
  2. Start Windsurfing (E-G49)
  3. Intermediate Windsurfing (E-G51)
  4. Advanced Windsurfing (E-G52)
  5. Windsurfing Instructor Handbook (E-W33)
  6. Foiling (E-G110)

Instructor only content (subject to relevant credentials):

  • Windsurfing Scheme (E-G47)
  • Youth Windsurfing Scheme (E-W1)
All Courses Subscription – 68 eBooks

This includes all the content for the 5 separate subscriptions above at a further discount.

Not All eBooks

We've carefully constructed meaningful subscription packages at an affordable price, rather than offering a single "all eBook" subscription. This would be too expensive and would also include content that customers wouldn't use.

Please email with any feedback or suggestions.

New Content and Updates

We'll add any relevant new eBooks to your subscription package as they become available. While your subscription is active, these will show as "Available" within the My eBooks > Owned section of the RYA Books app, and within their respective categories.

If we replace an eBook, you won't be able to download the old version. However, your download will remain in My eBooks > Downloaded within your subscription period.

If we update an eBook, you'll see "Update Available" rather than "Downloaded". Simply tap or click to update.

Subscription Only Content

Depending on your credentials, instructors may be eligible for additional free content, such as relevant syllabus and logbooks and course pack books. This additional content is added to your subscription when your credentials are verified as part of the application process.

As access to instructor-only content is dependent on your individual credentials, please ensure that you use your personal email address when you order, rather than a generic (info@) email address.

If you'd like to purchase a subscription for your school or RYA Recognised Training Centre, or use a generic email address, please be aware that you won't be eligible for instructor-only content.

How to Order

Please complete the order form at the bottom of this page to apply for en eBook subscription, or purchase the All Courses Subscription (ES-A) in our online shop.

We aim to make all subscriptions available in our online shop by Summer 2019.

Your eBooks will be available for you to download using the RYA Books app. Find out more about How to Download Your RYA eBook.

Please note: Your subscription will be registered to the email address you supply below. An RYA Books account will be created for you, if you don't have one already.

We aim to process subscriptions within 2 working days from receipt of payment. You will receive instructions and login details for the RYA Books app by email.

Please contact the Orders team on +44 (0)2380 604 132 or if you haven't heard from us within 2 working days.

The End of Your Subscription Period

Your annual subscription period will last for 12 months from the date of purchase. You will be sent an email reminder 3 days before the end of your subscription. After your subscription expires, you'll lose access to subscription content. You'll retain access to any eBooks purchased separately.

Renewing Your Subscription

You can renew your subscription by completing the form below, or purchasing the All Courses Subscription (ES-A) in our online shop. We are in the process of making all subscriptions available in the online shop and aim to complete this process by Summer 2019.

Privacy & Personal Information

In order to fulfil our contract with you and provide access to either restricted or paid content, we need to collect and store the information listed below from you. Your information will be stored and used in accordance with the RYA privacy policy, which can be found here.

  • Email address
  • First name
  • Surname

By tapping the @ button on the RYA Books app home screen, you are able to update your email preferences, access additional material from the RYA, or unsubscribe if you wish to do so.

RYA Recognition Guidance Notes

Please email to request access to the RYA Recognition Guidance Notes.

Once we've confirmed your instructor credentials, we'll send you login details for the RYA Books app, where you can download the RGNs.

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