Instructing and Coaching


G19 RYA Power Schemes Instructor Handbook

Reprinted February 2019

Pages 146-152: Appendix 1 - Safeguarding and Child Protection has been updated with new text.

Reprinted March 2020

Throughout: References to 'coastal/inland' distinction have been removed.

Page 5: The RYA Instructor Code of Conduct has been updated. A new bullet point has been added which reads:


Hold appropriate insurance cover either individually or through the training centre in which they are working.


Page 6: The RYA Equality Policy has been updated to reflect current RYA policy. Both the 'Objectives' and 'Implementation' sections have been amended.

Page 7: The 'Gaining Recognition' section has been updated to include information on applying for recognition online.

Page 10: The 'Who Teaches Which Courses in the RYA Power Schemes?' table has been updated.

Pages 75–77: The content on these pages has been re-ordered.

Pages 114–126: The content on these pages has been re-ordered and amended, including the addition of a new 'Stopping Distances' section with a new illustration.

Pages 146–147: 'Appendix 1 – Safeguarding and Child Protection' has been amended to reflect current RYA policy.

Page 150: Bullet point five of the 'Sexual Abuse' section has been amended to read:


Sport situations which involve physical contact (e.g. supporting or guiding children) could potentially create situations where sexual abuse may go unnoticed. Abusive situations may also occur if adults misuse their power and position of trust over young people.


Page 152: The second to last paragraph on this page has been amended to read:


An allegation may range from mild verbal bullying to physical or sexual abuse. If you are concerned that a child may be being abused, it is NOT your responsibility to investigate further BUT it is your responsibility to act on your concerns and report them to the appropriate statutory authorities.


Pages 160–167: The index has been updated to reflect changes throughout the book.

G27 RYA Yachtmaster Scheme Instructor Handbook

Reprinted October 2018

Page 15: Paragraph one has been changed to read:


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