About the RYA Voucher Scheme

RYA Vouchers make the ideal gift for friends and family or an incentive for customers or employees.

RYA Vouchers are accepted at hundreds of RYA Training Centres in the UK and abroad, and give you the freedom to buy RYA Training when and where you like.

You can use vouchers to buy Publications or Membership from the RYA.

How do I buy RYA Vouchers?

You can buy RYA Vouchers online from the RYA Shop or by phone on 02380 604132.

Please note that the members' discount on RYA Publications does not apply to RYA vouchers.

Due to COVID-19, all vouchers that have an expiry date of 2020 or 2021 will be extended by one year of the original expiration date. If you have any questions, please contact publications@rya.org.uk.

Where can I spend my voucher?

If you are in possession of an RYA Voucher, you can spend it at any participating centre. Use our Find a Training Centre facility to search for further information about any training centre you are interested in.

If you find a convenient centre that is not on the list of redeeming centres, please mention to them that you'd like to use your RYA vouchers... it might just be that they've been too busy to register with us yet, and would be happy to take your vouchers! For a list of answers to some of the standard questions about using your voucher, please see FAQs.

Redeeming Organisations

Information for RYA Training Centres on how to redeem RYA vouchers.

Voucher FAQs

Frequently Asked Question about the RYA Voucher Scheme answered for you.