The prices shown include VAT at the standard rate where appropriate.

For digital services (including eBooks) supplied to consumers within the EU, VAT will be charged at the rate determined by the consumer’s country. This VAT is charged at point of sale and paid onto the consumers country via VAT MOSS.

For customers who have products delivered to an address outside of the UK the VAT will be removed during the checkout process.

VAT changes to EU customers after 31st December 2020

The UK left the EU VAT regime on the 31st December 2020 and as a result all goods sent from the UK to EU end consumers will instead become subject to VAT and duty at the point that they clear into the EU from the UK rather than the point of sale.

Due to the extremely complicated landscape of different VAT rates and rules for each EU country and the constantly changing exchange rate there currently isn’t a system for us to easily plug into which will allow all VAT and duty charges to be paid up front at the point of sale and so these costs are currently liable when goods arrive in the country.

From July 2021, we are expecting to be able to opt to use the new One Stop Shop (OSS) VAT accounting system. This essentially builds on the successful single VAT return for digital services (known as MOSS) that we currently use. It will enable us to charge VAT at the point of sale once again and have a maximum limit of €150 per order to a single consumer; VAT on orders exceeding €150 will still need to be paid by end customers when goods arrive in the EU. The launch of this system has already been delayed from 1st Jan 2021 due to the complexities and we are keeping an eye on its likely launch date.

We are doing our part to make sure we are supplying all the right documents and information to make the process as smooth as possible. We send commercial invoices when sending out goods, this details the goods being shipped and their value which is used to assess duties and taxes for customs processing. We also send out customs declaration forms which contain commodity codes to classify all the goods we sell as well as information on the Country of Origin of the shipped products.