Why sailing builds character

We have known for a long time that sport and physical activity can have a beneficial effect on our heath and mental well being. Recent major studies have shown an ever increasing amount of additional benefits in social and personal development. These positive effects are amplified in challenging sports such as sailing and windsurfing. RYA OnBoard have been working with Professor Bill Lucas from the University of Winchester to explore and identify the broader learning benefits that getting on the water can bring.

Being on the water creates multiple situations where young people are challenged and tested as they learn a new activity. The OnBoard programme provides a great environment to help young people develop their character attributes and capabilities that are so important for success in later life. 

Able to listen carefully and offer an opinion, matching language to audience, Capacity to see the world from someone else's perspective

Happy to learn from mistakes with self belief, Have a good idea when needed and understand how different experiences can be connected

Mindset to stick with difficulty, bouncing back after set backs, Can communicate well with others, seeing the world from someone else's perspective

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Check out our Sail Smarts YouTube playlist for OnBoard videos covering topics such as tides, famous explorers, rigging and much more - a perfect plan b alternative!









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