Use of the OnBoard Logo


At OnBoard, we’re passionate about introducing children to the joys of sailing and windsurfing, while emphasising the numerous benefits they can gain from being on the water. The key pillar, of the OnBoard brand is to be inviting.  

The preferred logos are the primary versions with both white and navy outlined versions, to ensure there is optimum contrast against different backgrounds. It is available in both CMYK for print formats and RGB for digital use.


The logo also exists in mono. However, these should only ever be used in special circumstances, when the outlined versions are not possible.


The logo must stand alone

The logo must be given a reasonable amount of clear space around the logo separating it from any other object, such as type, photography, borders, edges, and so on - at least the width of the ‘O’ as illustrated below.

For further details including colour references, usage restrictions and examples of usage.