Windsurf improver

Bridging the gap for improver windsurfers and instructors

Welcome to the new OnBoard Improver Windsurfing Session cards, designed to bridge the gap between RYA Stages 2 & 3 and encourage regular participation through focused sessions with specific themes.

This new set contains six cards which are packed full of features to help plan and deliver windsurfing activity.

The cards contain ideas to inspire and motivate new and experienced instructors alike, which will help young windsurfers improve their knowledge and skills.

They can also be used in any order after the first set of OnBoard cards, Windsurfing Sessions 1-6, which follow RYA Stages 1 & 2. Each card is also linked to an OnBoard character attribute.

The cards are provided in two sizes: A4 and the more portable A6 ‘pocketsize’ waterproof cards which can be taken out on the water, so as can be referred to whilst the session takes place.

Hannah Cockle, RYA OnBoard Operations Officer said: “These cards are designed to help instructors try new things and provide lots of guidance and helpful tips to help them run fun windsurfing sessions – all whilst developing sailors’ knowledge and skills.”

Every card provides an instructor with an overview of each session, as well as key information and top tips. For example, the Stance session is all about helping youngsters correctly identify gusts and lulls and adapt body position to suit, and includes a top tip on looking at the effect moving feet away from the centre line has on power control and steering.

Every Improver Windsurfer Session is also linked to the National Curriculum and each card explains how the OnBoard activity does this. Instructors will find these useful in helping explain to teachers how OnBoard links to the Curriculum. For example, the Beach Starting card links to KS 3 Science and explains how forces as pushes or pulls, arising from the interaction between two objects.

The six sets of Improver Session cards and their accompanying OnBoard attributes are:

  • Tacking – Communication
  • Gybing - Determination
  • Stance – Teamwork
  • Harness – Confidence
  • Beach Starting – Independence
  • Freestyle – Creativity

There are additional Games and Challenges cards too, giving lots of great ideas for games, challenges and bad weather alternatives for those times when you can’t get on the water.

Hannah concludes: “As the cards are packed full of innovative session ideas, games and challenges, I believe OnBoard clubs and centres will find the cards of immense value in helping inspire, motivate and give confidence to instructors to try new ideas.”

The new session cards have been sent out too all OnBoard venues. If you haven’t received yours yet, please get in touch with Hannah -