ClubZone & OnBoard


OB resources available online
OnBoard clubs and centres can now access a range of valuable resources online, in the ‘ClubZone’ area of the RYA website here.

Logging in
If you just clicked that link, you may have been frustrated by an 'access denied' message. That's because ClubZone has lots of valuable resources that are 'locked down' to the everyday user. But don't panic, it's a simple process to gain access to ClubZone. After logging in to 'My RYA' (or registering an account), you need to make sure that your account is linked to your affiliated club. To do this you will need a password which you can get from your club, or us. Once this is completed you will be able to enter the ClubZone area immediately and take advantage of everything that it offers. 

ClubZone is a benefit of affiliation and the area on the website contains a range of useful contents including: club legal and management advice, tips on finding and retaining members, club premises guidance, managing on water activity and volunteer support.

OnBoard resources
The OB area in ClubZone includes the link and process to apply to join the OnBoard programme. The latest OB resources, which are available for free to help you plan and run successful OB sessions can be downloaded. It also features tips on boosting junior membership and information on the broader learning aspects of learning to sail and windsurf which can be incredibly useful for use with parents and teachers.

Session cards
The incredibly popular OnBoard session cards are now available to download in ClubZone. The four sets cover sailing and windsurfing and are available in both A4 and A6 versions. They include all of the beginner sessions 1-6 as well as the improver session cards, which bridge the gap between the beginner courses and the Stage 3&4 courses.

These session cards are designed to support both new and experienced instructors and are packed full of ideas for engaging and motivating young sailors to improve their skills.

As digital download versions, they are incredibly easy to access and with no waiting time you can start using them straight away, even on the same day.

Hannah Cockle, OnBoard Operations Officer explains: “We know some people prefer to use printed versions whilst others like to access resources electronically on their phone or computer. It is fantastic that we can now offer flexibility for instructors, with the choice to use a mix of hard copies, printed or digital session cards.”

Off the water digital activities
Over the coming weeks all of the OB Sail Smarts videos will also be found in ClubZone.

Incredibly popular during the lockdowns, Sail Smarts is an engaging YouTube channel with videos and activities focussing on all things sailing and windsurfing.
The fun learning is linked to the National Curriculum and the RYS syllabus. Topics include: the human body, tides, the compass, history and rigging. All related to being on the water. Check out the Sail Smarts playlist for all our videos here.

A printable PDF of all the OB games and challenges will also be featured soon. Available for both sailing and windsurfing, these activities are ideal ‘Plan B’ scenarios for instructors – a must as we head into winter!

 windsurf conference

Top tips
A page has been created which includes a variety of top tips on boosting your junior membership and participation. Discover useful advice on advertising OnBoard on your website, including a pathway for youth sailors, vouchers and incentives, the role of instructors as role models and funding information.

Broader learning
Through our work with Professor Bill Lucas from the University of Winchester, we have explored and identified the broader learning benefits that getting on the water can bring. You can download all this information in the 2019 Impact report, now found in ClubZone.

Many clubs have found this resource invaluable when approaching local schools to help educate teachers about the wider benefits of learning to sail for their pupils. 

As Hannah explains: “We can now distribute and make resources available to OB venues quicker than ever before. This is a great facility for us to use as it means you can start using them without any long printing or postage delays, which is really exciting.