Located around the coast, on inland waters and virtually, clubs offer everyone a cost-effective way to get afloat and involved in water sports with like-minded people and are great places to meet, get afloat and socialise, whilst many offer club boats,which can be used by members and their families.

Clubs offer a variety of water activities and membership styles, check out the Q&A below to start your journey.

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Benefits of club membership

Firstly it provides a hub for water sports within your community, you will be able to link to others with similar interests and learn about the many water activities you could become involved in. Most clubs have a varied programme of social sailing, training, youth activities, racing and a wider social programme to give members opportunities to interact.

Differences between yacht and sailing clubs

Both sailing clubs and yacht clubs are primarily interested in providing opportunities for people to enjoy boating activities and the name is often more linked to a historical reference than to a current focus. Depending on the location different clubs may be more suited to a certain type of activity but all should welcome new members and signpost opportunities to get on the water. All clubs tend to be open year round, though may have a different programme of activities between each season to help members stay engaged.

Costs associated with joining a club

Costs vary greatly across the different membership categories (some starting for as little at £60 per year) depending on the complexity and scope of the offer to members. Some clubs have gym style memberships, including the use of club boats and equipment, whilst others have a simpler offering – providing access to the facility and a community hub to engage in. Many will also require a small amount of volunteering support from members as a requirement to joining.

Activities you can expect through club membership

There are a variety of outdoor pursuits offered by clubs and some fun social activities as well. Many clubs have an extensive program of day sailingcruising and racing, but often also have youth and family weeks as well as opportunities to try other water sports like paddle boarding and kayaking. Some even have cycling or yoga groups to get involved with if sailing isn't possible. If it is related to enjoying time on and around the water with like-minded others clubs will try and offer it! Every club is different, so ask and compare to find what best suits your lifestyle and social expectations.



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