The best fit for you

Finding the best place to get on the water is important so you can learn new skills, be more active, connect with others and improve your wellbeing

The possibilities for disabled people are endless, from exploring lakes and reservoirs, to experiencing adventure on the sea or enjoying the peace and tranquillity of inland waterways. 


Boats come in all shapes and sizes – they can be sailboats or powerboats, fast or slow and stable. Whatever floats your boat there is activity for you, it's just where to start looking?



With over 200 Sailability locations across the UK and beyond, there is a venue for you to get afloat.


Are you a thrill-seeker or a nature lover? Do you want a venue specialised in supporting children or one focused on getting adults on the water? Would you like something close to home or are you happy to travel? Will the venue be able to meet your needs? Finding the best fit for your values, needs and budget is key to your enjoyment. 


Our search tool below can help you find the right venue for you, but you will want to know a bit more.


Find out what a group does

Ask about the activities on offer, the days and times they happen and who else goes along. Find out what happens off the water as well as on it, and whether the facilities meet your needs. Do you have to join as a member or can you pay each time you attend?


Ask questions

Asking questions about sailing and how you will get on the water can reassure you. What support you can expect? What are the safety arrangements? Which boats are available? How experienced are the staff and volunteers? Who should you talk to if you are worried about anything you see during your visit? All these are fair and valid questions that your venue will gladly answer. 


Club or training centre

Sailing clubs and centres can be different. It is important to understand what each means so you can choose the right venue for you. 


RYA recognised training centres

An RYA Recognised Training Centre can teach RYA courses (practical and theory) and has to meet rigorous quality and safety standards. These include safety management, instruction and learning, and maintaining equipment. Centres can provide a range of activities for everyone, from beginners to experienced sailors. RYA Training Centre recognition is equivalent to an Adventure Activity Licence (AALA). A number of training centres are also Duke of Edinburgh Award Centres. Training Centres are inspected.


RYA affiliated clubs and organisations

A club or group that provides boating activity for its members and can access best practice advice and support from the RYA. They can provide a range of activities for everyone, from beginners to experienced sailors. Affiliated clubs and organisations are responsible for setting their own standards and procedures on the water. 


RYA Sailability

These are RYA Affiliated Clubs or RYA Training Centres providing activities for disabled people and others with long-term conditions. 


Sailability venues have a commitment to…

  • The principles of Safe, Fun and Open activities on the water
  • Developing your skills, knowledge and confidence 
  • Identifying the right activity for you and supporting you to achieve your potential
  • Removing barriers to your participation
  • Learning and sharing knowledge about what works well and what doesn't


Sailability venues that are affiliated to the RYA are not inspected. Learning and sharing of best practice is encouraged across the Sailability community.

I love the physical aspects of sailing, I like the social side. I would say give it a go.

Emma Dakin
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Your first visit

Before your first visit find out what support you can expect, plan what you need to bring and think about the support you will need.

Any questions

Everyone's different, so contact us if you have questions or want to find out more about how boating can be made to work for you.

New sailors

Everyone can go sailing. Rule the waves with activities for young people, adults and groups at your pace, adapted to your abilities.