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Popular at both inland and coastal locations and there are many different ways to try your hand at riding one.How can I try it?

Lots of people try PWs on holiday but there are also plenty of places to have a go in the UK. PW experience trips (sometimes called safaris) are a fantastic way to get a taste for riding across the water with friends under the guidance of an experienced leader and there are many centres that offer these. You can also hire a PW from many watersport companies and they’ll have the gear you need to get on the water.

Although training is not compulsory, the RYA’s Personal Watercraft Course is strongly recommended and will teach you the skills you need to ride a PW responsibly, safely and with confidence. Having a qualification can also come in handy when accessing launch sites, riding abroad and on restricted waters or to save money on insurance.

PW clubs are great ways to get out on the water, socialise with other riders and they welcome the whole family. Many offer courses too.

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