Freedom, friends and feeling part of a community

Hannah's story


Before Sailing, Hannah’s life was quite restrictive. She spent virtually all her time with her care support workers. She had no outside interests, nor friends. She was frightened the first time she went – because she had become so insular. It was a massive thing to do something new, with new people.

Now, she loves the freedom sailing gives her and the friendships. It’s a chance to do something out of her wheelchair and meet new people, who are like minded. It challenges her, gives her a purpose.

“When on the water, I feel alive, free. It’s a great laugh”

Sailing has given her the confidence to try other things – writing, DJing, film making to name but a few. 

Sailing is “the best thing you will ever do” says Hannah. Freedom, friends, opportunities. It is so much #MoreThanSailing

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