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RYA online courses are all provided and supported by our Recognised Training Centres. Some are delivered through the RYA's own learning platform while others are delivered through third party platforms.

If you are taking an RYA course online, you will have a user account which is a separate account to that which you may hold for the main RYA website for web shop purchases or as part of your membership package.

This page answers questions relating to only. Questions relating to online courses taken via other websites should be directed to the training centre that is providing the course.

Courses on

User accounts for this site are created by the training centre from which you purchased your course. That centre will send you your username and password, along with any other course information or materials required.

If you do not receive your username and password, or need help accessing or completing your course, please contact your training centre.

How to...

Reset your password

Go to and select the 'Forgotten your username of password?' link. Enter either your username or email address in the boxes provided. If those details are recognised, an email will be sent to you with a link allowing you to set your own new password. Check your spam/junk folder if the email doesn't arrive.

If the email doesn't arrive or your details are not recognised, please contact your training centre to request that they reset the password for you. They will need your full name and email address.


Ask for help

Support for your online course is provided by the training centre through which you purchased the course. If you need help with anything from logging in to understanding the content of the course, please contact that training centre.


Re-attempt an assessment that you didn't pass

If you have not passed an assessment in your online course, you may benefit from some help from your instructor. You can contact them via the training centre that you booked your course with. When your instructor feels that you are ready to take the assessment again, they will arrange repeat access for you. If there is more than one assessment in your course, you will only need to retake those which you did not pass.


Access the site once your account has expired

You will have access to for one year from when you most recently logged in. After that time your account will be deleted, with any certification gained from your online course being recorded on our central database.

Once your account has been deleted it cannot be re-opened. To gain access again you will need to contact your training centre, who may charge a fee for creating a new account for you.

Any progress you made through the course using your original user account cannot be transferred to the new account.