Working on flotilla and bareboat charter holidays


Flotilla holidays

Flotilla holidays involve a group of yachts, usually up to 15, guided by a lead boat with a skipper, engineer and host onboard. Flotilla staff are expected to ensure that clients have a safe and enjoyable sailing holiday. Most flotilla companies operate fleets of yachts, most commonly in the Mediterranean, on a seasonal basis. 


The skipper's role is to make sure that the flotilla moves smoothly from port to port. You will be responsible for aspects of the flotilla including safety, preparation, maintenance and the laying up of the boats at the end of the season. The usual requirement for skippers on flotilla holidays is a commercially endorsed RYA Yachtmaster® Offshore Certificate of Competence.


The role of the engineer is to familiarise clients with their boats and solve any immediate mechanical problems during the week, so you will need a knowledge of marine diesel engines.

The RYA runs a Diesel Engine course which teaches the basics of how an engine works, how to keep them healthy and how to get them started again should a mechanical breakdown occur.


The host manages the administrative and social elements of the flotilla, including parties and barbecues. You will also look after the clients' welfare, dealing with the base team where necessary to handle with any travel or domestic problems.

Most flotilla companies don't require any formal sailing qualifications, but it's often a bonus if you have an RYA Day Skipper certificate. 

In the high season, some flotilla companies will also recruit Kids Activity Coordinators to support the host. 

Charter holidays

If a flotilla role doesn't sound right for you, there are a number of other roles available with charter companies. Why not try:

Bareboat Skipper

The duties of a bareboat skipper often involve the preparation of yachts for charter, living aboard and sailing with charter guests and deliveries at the beginning and end of the season. The usual minimum requirement for bareboat skippers is a commercially endorsed RYA Yachtmaster® Offshore Certificate of Competence.