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Community Engagement Guide

A toolkit to help support your RYA Affiliated Organisation’s progress with Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

Community Engagement Guide Resource pack

This resource pack contains templates such as equality monitoring forms, policy statements, membership forms ETC. It’s designed to accompany the Community Engagement Guide but can be used for general organisational development.

Inclusive Language

An in-depth guide, intended to be used in a dictionary style for top tips and support around inclusive language in sailing and boating environments.

Hate Crimes

Guidance on understanding hate crimes and there relation to protected characteristics. This contains information on what to do if you feel that you have witnessed or experienced a hate crime.

Trans and Non-binary Inclusion

This guidance details information and facts on what it means to be trans or non-binary.  It offers  guidance around what to do within RYA affiliated organisations to be supportive and inclusive of trans and non-binary people.

Peer on Peer Abuse

Peer on Peer Abuse Guidance for RYA Affiliated Clubs, Recognised Training Centres and Class Associations.

Changing Room Guidance

This guidance provides advice on the safe use of changing rooms / and toilet areas. This guidance is intended for clubs, training centres and class associations.

Club guide to social media use

The world of social media is ever changing and has become firmly embedded in most of our day to day lives. This guide offers information about the use of social media for children and young people.

Club guides to safeguarding

A short guide for club members in England and Wales covering safeguarding for children, young people, and adults.

RYA templates

Safeguarding Policy for RYA Affiliated Clubs

This template has been produced by the RYA Safeguarding Team for use by RYA Affiliated Organisations and Recognised Training Centres. The document is based on the RYA’s understanding of best practice at the date of publication.

Code of Conduct for Children and Young People

This is a template for a code of conduct for children and young people. Designed to clearly outline the behaviours expected of children and young people as well as their rights.

Code of Conduct for Parents Guardians and Carers

This is a template for a code of conduct for parents, guardians, and carers. Designed to clearly outline the behaviours expected of parents, guardians, and carers as well as their rights.

Code of Conduct for Everyone

This is a template for a code of conduct for everyone. It is designed to clearly outline the behaviours expected of everyone as well as the rights they have.

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If you are a child or an adult who is worried or needs information and support, the What to do if you're Worried Pages can help.