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RYA Safeguarding and Child Protection Guidelines

The RYA's Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and Guidelines can be downloaded from this page and adapted to suit the requirements of your training centre, club or class association.

Each section is dated so it's easy to see what has changed since you last reviewed your own procedures. 

The Guidelines document is intended to assist you with drawing up your own organisation's Policy and Procedures.  There is a sample club/centre policy which covers the essential points, you can then add the sections and template documents relevant to your organisation.

In the 2020 version the RYA's Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Statement has been reviewed and an updated version approved by the RYA Board, this is reflected in the sample club/centre policy statement.  We have expanded the guidance on changing rooms and showers; added to the section on photography and images to make it clear than an image is personal data and should be treated in accordance with your organisation's Data Privacy policy; added a paragraph on data retention; and amended the section on handling a concern to recognise that it could come from a member of public or from the statutory authorities, not just from within the organisation.

We have produced separate guidance on Social Media which signposts sources of expert advice for clubs/centres, parents and young people, this can be downloaded from the Related Documents on the right.

Clubs with RYA Recognised Training Centres are advised to ensure that a safeguarding policy is adopted by the club as a whole, not just the Training Centre, and that all members are aware of it. 

Many clubs have found it useful to adopt a Code of Conduct so that young participants, parents and volunteers are clear about their responsibilities - see the example under Related Documents.

For more information from RYA Scotland, RYA Cymru Wales or RYANI, click on the relevant link on the right hand side of this page.

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