Sailability Safety blog


Content to keep the conversation about Sailability and safety going. Safety is the cornerstone of fun activities on the water for disabled people so enjoy this series of conversations, on the ground advice and videos on a variety of safety topics.

The right kit prepared properly

Brett Cokayne talks to Jonathan Schofield (Rutland Sailability) and David Griffith (Chesil Sailability) about the role equipment plays to ensure safe and fun activity that people are able to take part in

Mast head floats

A simple piece of equipment can reduce the risk of inversion, buy yourself time, and make it easier and quicker to recover inverted boats

Keelboat recovery

Explore the best techniques to right an inverted keelboat

Vessels with drop bows

The MAIB’s investigation into a trip on a Wheelyboat (aluminium Mk III) on Roadford Lake is complete and an interim report has been published. A full report for consultation is expected in due course, and reflections can then start on any learnings involved.


Advice about developing and maintaining safety management systems for on the water activity with the Sailability programme