Icons representing increasing physical activity, learning new skills, connecting with others, improving wellbeing
RYA Sailability
Increasing activity, improving well-being, connecting with others and learning new skills

Sailability - club and centre support

A community of clubs and centres passionate about getting people on the water, no matter what it takes
A wealth of knowledge
Assessing accessibility

A self assessment tool for clubs and centres who want to consider how accessible their venue and facilities are.

Autism and boating

Practical strategies to ensure the best experience every time for autistic people

Getting to know you

Getting to know people is key to the first experience of boating and people wanting to come back again and again. Find out more with this short guide.

Hoist safety

For some, access to a hoist, along with trained and competent volunteers or staff, makes the difference between whether they can go boating or not.

Improving the communication environment

A tool to support the many people who sail who may also face communication barriers in a world that relies on a large extent to being able to see, hear and use speech

Safety management systems

Advice about developing and maintaining safety management systems for on the water activity with the Sailability programme

Safety practice

Guidance around safety practice where disabled people and those with long term health conditions are taking part in activity.

Safety blog

Keep the conversation going about safety - its the cornerstone of fun activities - enjoy a series of conversations, articles and videos on a variety of safety topics


We want to introduce as many disabled people to sailing as possible and help them build a lifetime habit of activity around boating. 

Sailactivity is an online evaluation platform that will evidence how boating activities can reduce inactivity, and impact on social and individual development.

An empty wheelchair on a pontoon with people sailing in the distance

Gain the knowledge and confidence to enable disabled people to take part in boating, feel welcome and to share in a passion for getting on the water

Any questions

Everyone's different, so contact us if you have questions or want to find out more about how Sailability can be made to work for you.

Networking and events

Collectively spread the word so more disabled people can take part and build a regular habit of sailing and activity