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More Than Sailing

Collectively spread the word so more disabled people can take part and build a regular habit of sailing and activity

Available to clubs and centres that are part of the Sailability programme, a series the templates give you a range of customisable powerpoint slides so you can tell the story of Sailability and its outcomes, and spread the word throughout your local networks.

The campaign builds on 6 sailor profiles, the barriers disabled people face to get involved with boating and key messages to reach new sailors.

The templates allow you to create social media posts, posters or slide shows, tailored for your club or centre, that:

  • highlight the benefits of boating
  • promote an event
  • celebrate a personal story or 'moment'
  • encourage others to refer potential sailors

Look at the guides below to get a taste.

Download the guides

Find out about the #MoreThanSailing campaign - nationally co-ordinated but locally populated - to inspire as many inactive disabled people to get on the water and build a regular habit of boating

Audience insights

An outline of the benefits the campaign highlights, and 6 sailor profiles

Reaching out

Top 6 ideas of how you can help more people become active and gain from Sailability

Barriers and messages

A summary of the barriers to boating identified in the research and some key messages for each sailor profile

Template instructions

Easy to follow instructions for using the powerpoint templates

Campaign guidelines

Fonts, colours, logos...

Outcome cribsheet

Crib sheet for where to find all the templates


The toolkits, and a range of images for your to use are available from RYA Asset Bank.

Click on the link to request details of the user name and password.


The Sailability team can:

  • deliver a 90minute online workshop to introduce the campaign and give you the confidence to use the templates and produce stunning posters and social media posts.
  • offer a small number of clubs or centres each year a more detailed package of support that includes an audit of your digital channels and some training


Email us on sailability@rya.org.uk