Accessibility statement

A way of describing the facilities and support available to enable people to access what is on offer, both on shore and on the water

When done well, accessibility statements move the focus away from a person’s impairment, and instead provides the information a person may need to judge whether they will be able to access everything on offer. It should reassure and address some of the barriers disabled people commonly face. It is suggested an accessibility statement covers the same areas as the self-assessment. It can be, but doesn’t have to be a standalone document / web page.

There are prompts throughout the tool on what you could include in the statement.

As a minimum any accessibility statement should include the following key messages:

  • We are proud of our facilities and activities. We have considered any barriers to accessibility, and involved disabled people in this process. We want to provide information about accessibility.
  • We can offer support in getting to know the building, the facilities and accessing the activities. Do contact us so we can listen to what you need.
  • We know we probably haven’t thought of everything and we are committed to improving access where we can, so do let us know if there is anything you think we can do better.

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