Internet forum organised activity


Case study: Yachting and Boating World Internet Forums

Many people may not want or have the time to be part of a formal club or be in an area where there’s a club that’s right for them. However, the internet has produced its own club room in the form of internet forums. 

Over the last few years many of these forums have grown, some of them being very large indeed.  Probably the largest in the UK is the Yachting and Boating World (YBW) forum. YBW is run by IPC media who publish most of the popular marine titles, including Motor Boats Monthly, Yachting World, Classic Boat, Yachting Monthly, Practical Boat Owner and Motor Boats and Yachting. YBW is split up into many different sections, some directed to the magazines themselves, it has its own online magazine and there’s also a multi level forum section. A part of the forum section is dedicated to forum member events.

As you’ll see from the above ‘screen shot’, there are lots of events happening and they range from a marina gathering to watch the fireworks at Lake Windermere, to cross channel cruises.  At a River Hamble meet 50 people turned up in motor boats, sailboats and cars. A virtual club is an affordable way to allow mooring holders and sailors to communicate with each other from the comfort of their own armchair. It is possible to run this type of forum from an existing club as part of their website, to establish a new club formed around a set of moorings or a location, especially if it is remote or for a group to join into an existing forum to make new contacts.

YBW Forum

Learning points

A moderator is required to ensure the forum does not get used improperly.

A set of guidelines maybe required on the subject matter that is uploaded.