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Case Study: Queen Mary Sailing Club

Queen Mary Sailing Club is situated on the largest of London's reservoirs in the Staines/Sunbury area, in West London. The club operates a commercial RYA Training Centre under the name Queen Mary Sailsports, open to members and non members. The club’s membership categories run in the same way as other sailing clubs, however the club also has a ‘QM Select’ membership which has proved very successful in attracting a new type of member. The QM Select is a package for adults enabling the individual to sail dinghies and/or windsurf kit whenever the club is open, 12 months a year, and to receive free tuition.

QM Select gives access to the latest dinghy and windsurf kit without the considerations of ownership (outlay, depreciation, maintenance, storage, insurance and owning limited types of kit). There is a range of equipment and the savings gained on paying for courses and hire separately are substantial. QM Select is like a gym membership in that there is an initial one - off joining fee plus monthly payments. QM Select members can take part in Club Racing, bring guests and participate in courses. The service ensures that the right training is given to rig the kit, help in launching and practical advice.

The current fleet of 63 dinghies available to hire include: Laser Pico, Laser Standard XD, Laser Radial XD, Laser 2000, Laser Bahia, Laser Stratos, Laser Vago and Dart 16 catamaran and 2 Wayfarers. For windsurfing, the selection of 24 boards includes Starboard and Hifly.  There are also 24 rigs from Gaastra, sizes from 4.0m to 9.0m and 20 Hifly beginner rigs. The Starboard and Gaastra windsurf kit is renewed annually, and the dinghies and Hifly windsurf kit every 2 - 4 years to ensure the kit is maintained to a high standard.  Use of wetsuits, buoyancy aids, harnesses, masthead floats and helmets is included.

The QM Select allows for the progression of skills. All appropriate courses, relative to the level of the individual, are included without charge. Personal tuition is an ideal way of improving skills and giving a confidence a boost from time to time and 1:1 lessons are available to QM Select Members at significantly reduced rates.

With QM Select (Dinghy), participation in Club Racing is possible with the use of the club boats to those who have achieved the appropriate level of ability.

Details of the charges can be found on the Queen Mary Website:

Learning points:

  • Attracting a new type of member to increase income.
  • Ensuring the right courses are made available to the members.