Why have a volunteer co-ordinator?

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Volunteers are a club's most valuable asset. The time, effort and expertise that they have to offer to the club deserve effective management and support. It is unlikely, unless the role is specifically introduced to the club, that anyone will dedicate time specifically to volunteer planning and management. Many clubs are reporting the benefits of appointing someone who is dedicated to volunteer management.

Are volunteer co-ordinators paid employees?

Not usually and as such is subject to the same concerns as other roles i.e. the time commitment involved. To get around this, some clubs have successfully managed to spread the load by assigning the role to two people. This is a particularly useful tactic where club membership is large or perhaps where a club has specific aspirations for development in a particular area.

What does a volunteer co-ordinator do?

Their key purpose is to act as a focal point for volunteers within the club, raising the profile of volunteers by providing support and advice, and generally raise the profile of volunteer management within the clubs plans.


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