Job Description


The key purposes of a volunteer co-ordinator are:

  1. To facilitate effective communication between your club and its volunteers
  2. Act as the main/first point of contact for all existing and prospective volunteers
  3. Endeavour to define all volunteer roles, and that the volunteers undertaking them have access to a copy of role definition and understand what is being asked of them and the time commitment required
  4. Provide support and information about volunteering, training and development opportunities within the club

How much time should this role require?

Depending on club needs but should not be more than 1-2 hours per week

Who will support this role?

It is essential that the Club fully support and endorse the work of the Volunteer Coordinator.  

What personal attributes will the ideal volunteer co-ordinator have?

  • Confident and effective communicator
  • Ability to organise self and others effectively
  • Desire and motivation to promote volunteering opportunities to the wider community
  • Good administration skills
  • Prepared and able to make a regular time commitment