RYA current affairs.

RYA Scotland engages positively to promote and protect recreational boating within Scotland's legal framework while working alongside Marine Scotland, the Scottish Government, Local Authorities and other industry and interested parties.

The RYA provides a range of practical advice and experience across the boating world. Further topics on a UK level are available in the Representation section of the RYA website.

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Yacht Cruising

We work with the RYA and relevant statutory authorities and stakeholders in Scotland to limit adverse impacts of marine renewable developments on navigational safety of recreational boating around the coast whilst being alert to any possible benefits that might accrue. 

Coastwatchers working on marine planning

Coastwatchers are our volunteers who operate to professional standards providing objective evidence on a range of issues that affect recreational boating.

A yacht view under sail.

RYA Scotland has been involved in the evolution of Marine Tourism Strategy, Giant Strides, in collaboration with British Marine Scotland and Scottish Canals.

Fish cages, Aquaculture

RYA Scotland has had a long involvement with aquaculture developments and is consulted on individual applications.

Unmarked buoys

Many recreational sailors have reported entanglement or near misses with creel buoys that are badly marked or have floating trailing ropes.

Moorings in the Crown Estates Land

Crown Estate Scotland was established in 2017 to manage the assets of the Crown in Scotland, and is responsible for most of the seabed and nearly half the foreshore.

Marine Protected Areas

RYA Scotland has been closely involved in the development of the Scottish network of Marine Protected Areas, which includes existing designated sites. We recognise that for many members seeing wildlife is an important part of the sailing experience and have supported the MPA process. 

Sustainable Boating

The Green Blue is an jointly run organisation between British Marine and the RYA to help the boating community reduce their impact on coastal and inland.