External Affairs

The RYA works to ensure that legislators, regulators and other authorities understand, and take account of, recreational boating activity.


Read about some of the Pressing, Active and Monitored issues that the RYA is working on on behalf of our members with the links below. 


Pressing Issues
Encountering Migrants at Sea

The RYA is working to prevent the Nationality and Borders Bill criminalising recreational boaters fulfilling their obligation to provide assistance to those in distress at sea.

Marine Licensing

The RYA wants to achieve fair and proportionate licensing regimes in terms of both regulation and fees.

Marine Protected Areas

The RYA is working to ensure that recreational boating's interests are considered.

UKHO paper chart production

UKHO has set out its transition plan for a fully digital chart portfolio by end of 2026

Active Issues
Light Dues

The RYA opposes the levying of light dues on recreational craft of less than 20GT.

Marine Planning

The RYA wants to achieve marine plans which protect and enhance recreational boating facilities.

Carriage of Pyrotechnic Flares

The RYA is keen to ensure that technological advances in distress alerting are embraced as widely as possible.

Poorly marked fishing gear and small craft safety

The RYA wants to achieve better marking of static fishing gear, making it visible by day and at night.

Marine renewable energy

The RYA acknowledges the Government's desire to promote renewable energy; however we are keen to ensure the navigational safety of recreational boating around the coast.

Monitored Issues
Boat Registration

The RYA believes that boat registration in the UK should remain voluntary.

Availability of Red Diesel

The RYA considers that marked red diesel should continue to be available to recreational boaters in the UK for the purpose of propulsion.

Invasive non-native species

The RYA is providing guidance for recreational boaters to help minimise the spread of invasive non-native species.

Skipper Licensing

The RYA does not believe that compulsory skipper licensing will of itself enhance safety.

Alcohol and boating

The RYA urges all boaters not to mix alcohol and boating.

Personal Floatation Devices

The RYA recommends that recreational boaters wear a life-jacket or buoyancy aid unless they are sure they don't need to.

External Affairs

As the representative voice of boating the RYA follows clear principles which are set out in its Retaining Your Freedoms Protecting Your Interests document.