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The impact of your membership


Whether it’s offering people from all backgrounds the opportunities to get afloat, or campaigning on the critical boating issues that matter to you, as an RYA member, you’re at the very heart of our work.

Here are just some of the things that have been possible this year thanks to the support of your membership…

infographic - 50,000 children
infographic - 40,000 people join clubs
infographic - 19,500 people with disabilities


Boating for all

  • 50,000 children from across the UK had their first experience of sailing with OnBoard
  • Just under 40,000 people joined their local clubs- the highest it’s been for the last seven years 
  • 19,500 people with disabilities got afloat at UK Sailability venues 
  • Around 270,000 people across the globe take an RYA Training qualification each year
  • Over 1,500 youth and junior sailors attended British Youth Sailing events including the Youth Nationals. 


infographic - 270,000 people do training courses
infographics - 1,500 sailors attended
1,145,120 seagrass seeds planted


Creating a sustainable future

Your membership also supports our initiatives that help us all to achieve healthier waters.

Protecting your boating freedoms

Young woman sailing
sail away on your dinghy with your family
two happy sailing children smiling for the camera
Smiling man on large boat


Thanks to your membership, the RYA legal team continue to represent your interests daily, securing your freedom to enjoy and explore the UK’s waters.

This year alone, more than 250 applications have been reviewed on your behalf, ensuring your voice continues to be heard during key licensing decisions.

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