Get your Portsmouth Yardstick submissions in!

It's that time again... submit your data by Sunday 31 December
15 Nov 23
Multiclass fleet racing

The RYA is once again calling on clubs to submit their Portsmouth Yardstick data and help us ensure the numbers are as accurate as possible for 2024.

The Portsmouth Yardstick handicap system is run jointly by the RYA and its affiliated clubs to allow sailors to race different boats against each other fairly.

At the end of each year, clubs submit their results data to the RYA to be collated and analysed. The Portsmouth Yardstick (PY) numbers are then adjusted accordingly. The more data received, the more accurate the PY numbers will be.

This year’s deadline for PY submissions is Sunday 31 December

Club handicap and results officers can submit their data online.

The new Portsmouth Yardstick numbers will be released at the RYA Dinghy and Watersports Show on Saturday 24 February 2024.

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