How to become a British Youth Sailing Recognised Club


To become a BYS Recognised Club you first need to be affiliated to the RYA and then please go through the list below. These are the core essentials to be considered and the beginning of your journey to grow junior racing and training whilst also building your membership base to secure your club for generations to come.

  • Run some regular junior race training
  • Ensure there are some racing opportunities for a Recognised Class with at least four boats
  • Send at least one sailor to the BYS Regional Junior Championships every two years
  • Have someone who can coordinate the junior training and racing activity – a designated volunteer role
  • This should be delivered and supported by RYA qualified coaches or Racing Instructors.
  • And of course, confirm to all the relevant safety and safeguarding standards – which are on our website in the polices section.

If your club wishes to be considered then please get in touch with a Regional RYA staff member who can guide you in the process and discuss with you in more detail the criteria and benefits that come with a successful application.

Applications are considered on a quarterly basis so once you have applied you should hear back in less than 12 weeks.

The BYS Recognised Club 
application form is available to download.

Please complete the form and return it to your Regional Performance Manager.

More questions?

If you have any queries regarding the criteria or your club's application contact your local Regional Performance Manager