Dinghy racing

Whether you're a newcomer to competing or a seasoned club racer, RYA Racing is here to support your journey.

How do I get started?
Ten reasons to go dinghy racing

Find out why racing dinghies is so great - and start fuelling your own passion

Dinghy racing courses

From beginner to expert, see your skills recognised with the RYA's dinghy courses

Where can I go racing?

Our guide to classes and clubs all over the UK


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What do I need to know?
Racing Rules of Sailing

We guide you through the latest edition of the Racing Rules of Sailing that govern our sport

Handicap systems

Allowing different types of boat to race against one another on a level playing field


If you want to race your own boat in the UK you need a measurement certificate - get one here

Want to become a dinghy racing coach?

Help teach the next generation of sailors and keep our sport alive

How can I get better?
Top tips

Hints and tips to make you a better - and faster - sailor around the race course

Racing Rules vodcast

The RYA's hugely popular video series demystifying the Racing Rules of Sailing

Books for racers

The RYA's extensive range of books will help you improve your skills and knowledge


A sociable and exciting format of racing in which teams compete to secure a winning combination over their rivals

Developing and retaining the world's best young racing sailors

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