Share a passion with like-minded others

Racing is all about people coming together to enjoy 


Make new friends and be part of a new social group

Sailing clubs are friendly and fun, with a little bit of competition thrown in for good measure. Racing isn't just about winning, it's about having fun on the water with others.


Measure your progress against others

Improving your skills is one of the most rewarding aspects of racing, whether it's getting better at starting or learning how to be faster downwind.


Exercise your mind and body

Forget the stereotype of sailing being a 'sitting down sport' - it's a physical and mental workout that leaves you buzzing 


Learn what makes your boat go faster

By improving your boat speed you'll be faster around the race course - and possibly even first across the line! 


Learn about wind, weather and tides

It's not just about going fast and making the right tactical moves - you have to battle the elements as well.


Set yourself new goals

Get a little bit better each time you hit the water. The satisfaction is uplifting.


Try sailing different boats or a different role onboard

There are countless ways to enjoy racing sailboats, whether it's in a dinghy or windsurfer at your local club, keelboats in a weekend regatta or aspiring to Olympic Classes racing


Discover the joy of learning something new

Anyone can learn to sail and to race - and the learning process never stops.


The food or drink tastes better when you have earned it!

We said it at the start - racing is really all about having fun with friends. And that includes off the water too!