Results: National Match Racing Series

Past results from the National Match Racing Series (NMR) including: Winter Match Racing Series (WMR) Royal Southern Yacht Club (RSYC)British University Sailing Association (BUSA)British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS)
Past results from the National Match Racing Series (NMR) including: 
  • Winter Match Racing Series (WMR) 
  • Royal Southern Yacht Club (RSYC)
  • Royal Corinthian Yacht Club (RCYC)
  • Royal Northern & Clyde YC (RN&CYC)
  • Queen Mary Sailing Club (QMSC)
  • British University Sailing Association (BUSA)
  • British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) 
Event Winner
2020 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy) (QMSC)   Andy Cornah 
2020 Summer Match Racing Q2  Ted Blowers
2020 Marlow Ropes Women's Championships Jenny Cropley
2020 Harken Youth Championships  Robbie King
NB. Many events in 2020 cancelled due to COVID-19   
2020 Winter Match Racing Q3 (WPNSA)    George Haynes
2020 Winter Match Racing Q2 (WPNSA)    Ted Blowers 
2020 Winter Match Racing Q1 (WPNSA)  Ted Blowers
2019 Moody Decking Schools MR (WPNSA)  Barty Gray (Cokethorpe School) 
2019 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy) (QMSC) Ted Blowers 
2019 NMR Q2 (QMSC)  Ted Blowers
2019 Ceilidh Cup (RN&CYC)  Balazs Gecse (St Andrews Uni) 
2019 Marlow Ropes Women's Championships Octavia Owen
2019 Harken Youth Championships  Robbie King 
2019 NMR Q1 (RCYC)  James Pinder
2019 BUCS Championship (WPNSA)  Matt Whitfield (Southampton Uni)
2019 WMR 4 (WPNSA)  Robbie King 
2019 Women's WMR (WPNSA) Ali Morrish & Anna Prescott (joint winners) 
2019 WMR 3 (WPNSA)  George Haynes
2019 WMR 2 (WPNSA) James Morson
2018-19 WMR 1 (Port Edgar Watersports) Ali Morrish 
2018 Moody Decking Schools Match Racing Championships (WPNSA) Oliver Perkins (Royal Grammar School) 
2018 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy) (QMSC) Mark Lees
2018 NMR Q2 (QMSC) Matt Whitfield
2018 Ceilidh Cup (RN&CYC) Miles Jones
2018 Women's (WPNSA) Octavia Owens 
2018 Youths (WPNSA) Matt Whitfield
2018 NMR Q1 (QMSC) Tarra Gill-Taylor
2018 BUCS (WPNSA) Matt Whitfield
2018 WMR 3 (WPNSA) Event cancelled (wind)
2018 WMR 2 (WPNSA) Matt Whitfield
2018 WMR 1 (WPNSA) Nick Wilkinson
2017 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy) (QMSC) Tarra Gill-Taylor
2017 NMR Q2 (QMSC) Mark Lees & Matt Whitfield (Tied) 
2017 Ceilidh Cup (RN&CYC) Nicole McPherson 
2017 Youth Championships (WPNSA) Matt Whitfield 
2017 NMR Q1 (RSYC) Niall Houston
2017 BUCS BUSA Championships (WPNSA) Tarra Gill-Taylor (Exeter) 
2017 WMR 3 (WPNSA) James Pinder 
2017 WMR 2 (WPNSA) Ben Swyer 
2017 WMR 1 (WPNSA) Claire Lasko 
2016 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy) (QMSC) Mark Lees 
2016 Ceilidh Cup (RN&CYC) Mark Greenhalgh 
2016 NMR Q1 (QMSC) Alison Young 
2016 Women's Championships (WPNSA) Josie Gliddon 
2016 Youth Championships (WPNSA) Matt Venables 
2016 Royal Southern Match Cup Qualifier Annabel Vose
2016 BUCS BUSA Championships (WPNSA)  Connor Miller (Loughborough)
2016 WMR 3  Tom Ballentine 
2016 WMR 2 Cancelled (Weather)
2016 WMR 1

Claire Lasko

2015 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy) Ian Williams
2015 Ceilidh Cup Nicole McPherson
2015 NMR Youths Tom Williams
2015 NMR Womens Cancelled
2015 BUCS BUSA Championship  Connor Miller (Loughborough)
2015 WMR 3 Matt Haslam
2015 WMR 2 Connor Miller
2015 WMR 1  Annabel Vose 
2014 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy) Ian Williams
2014  Ceilidh Cup Nicole McPherson
2014 RYA NMR Youths Annabel Vose
2014 RSYC Training Event   Tom Mallindine 
2014 BUCS BUSA Philip Bendon
2014 WMR 4 Connor Miller
2014 NMRQ1 Ian Williams
2014 WMR 3 Cancelled (Weather)
2014 WMR 2 Tom Mallindine
2014 WMR 1 Cancelled (Weather)
2013 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy) Mark Campbell-James
2013 NMR Q1 Paul Campbell-James
2013 NMR Youths Mark Lees
2013 RSYC Cup Andy Shaw
2013 BUCS BUSA Championship Philip Bendon

2012 NMR Final  (Eacott Trophy)

Ian Williams
2012 NMR Q1 Mark Lees
2012 NMR Youths & U25s Nick Wilkinson (U25s) (No U20 Champion)
2012 NMR Womens Cancelled
2012 Ceilidh Cup Nicole McPherson 
2012 RSYC Final Andy Shaw (RSYC Academy)
2012 BUCS/BUSA James Goss (Bristol)
2012 Mermaid Championship Cancelled

2012 RSYC Heat 2 Andy Shaw

Andy Shaw
2012 RSYC Heat 1 Sam Pearson
2012 RTYC Trophy  Matt Greenfield
2011-12 BUCS/BUSA Q2 James Goss (Bristol)
2011-12 BUCS/BUSA Q1 Ed Harrison (Durham Blue)

2011  NMR Final  (Eacott Trophy)

Nick Cherry
2011 NMR Q1 Sam Pearson
2011 Womens Cancelled
2011 NMR Youths & U25s Winner of both trophies: James French
2010-11 BUCS/BUSA No result (lack of wind)
2010-11 BUCS/BUSA  Q2 Rob Gullan (Southampton)
2010-11 BUCS/BUSA Q1 George Yeoman (Newcastle)
2011  Mermaid Championship Robbie Allam

2010 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy)

Nick Cherry
2010 Womens Victoria Rawlinson
2010 NMR Q2 Farokh Tarapore (IND)
2010 Ceilidh Cup CANCELLED
NMR Youths & U25s U20 James French, U25 Matt Rainback 
2010 BUCS/BUSA Andy Shaw 
2010 Mermaid Championship Robbie Allam

2009 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy)

Mark Campbell-James

2009 NMR Q4 No results (racing not completed)
2009 Womens  Lucy Macgregor
2009 Youths  Mark Lees
2009 NMR Q3 Joint winners Mary Rook /Lucy Macgregor/Katie Archer
2009 NMR Q2 Sam Goodchild 
2009 NMR Q1 Ian Dobson
2009 BUCS/BUSA Andy Shaw 

2008 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy)

Mark Campbell-James
2007 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy) Nick Cherry
2006 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy) Nick Cherry
2005 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy) Mark Campbell-James
2004 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy) Joint Winners - Paul Campbell-James & Mark Campbell-James
2003 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy)  Paul Campbell-James
2002 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy)  Ian Williams
2001 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy)  Ian Williams
2000 NMR Finals (Eacott Trophy) Andy Beadsworth
1999 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy) Andy Beadsworth 
1998 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy) Chris Law
1997 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy) Ian Williams
1996 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy) Stuart Childerley
1995 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy) Andy Beadsworth
1994 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy) Ben Vines
1993 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy) Andy Beadsworth
1992 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy)  Andy Beadsworth
1991 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy) Eddie Warden-Owen
1990 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy) Ian Southworth
1989 NMR Final (Eacott Trophy) David Bedford