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Details of the policies and procedures that apply to RYA Race Official qualifications.

Standard wordings that can be used at events for entry forms, notices of race and sailing instructions. Template forms that can be used by event organisers and race officials and provide standardisation across the country.

Highlighting good practice in race management

Explore the race official courses we currently have to offer, regardless of your experience level. The regional and national courses are offered in five separate disciplines meaning there is something for every age group, ability and interest.

Under the umbrella of its Racing Charter, the RYA produces a range of guidance booklets and notes on the Racing Rules of Sailing and the organisation of racing.

The RYA advisory services offer prompt informal advice on racing rules and race management queries from members and affiliated organisations.

Information useful to race officials including speed charts, 'sailing wind' angles and offset requirements for marks when working in tide, course setting charts, etc.

Your sport needs you! Join the Race Officials Academy and experience the opportunities we have to offer.

Clear communication is important to give sailors the best experience and many will rely on simple, easy to understand course diagrams. These should give you a good idea of the ingredients needed for happy sailors.