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About RYA ePacks

RYA Training Centres are able to offer students the choice to receive an eBook to accompany their RYA course, rather than a printed book.

The following ePacks are available:

  • RYA Marine Radio SRC Course
  • RYA Level 2 Powerboat Handling Course
  • RYA Inland Waterways Helmsman's Course
  • RYA Personal Watercraft Proficiency Course
  • RYA First Aid Course
  • RYA Basic Sea Survival for Small Craft Course

ePack Contents

All other items in the pack, such as application forms and certificates, remain the same. However, rather than a printed book, an eBook voucher redemption code is included.

Students can redeem their eBook voucher code, here:

Once a student has redeemed their code, they'll receive an email with instructions for How to Download an RYA eBook using the RYA Books app on their chosen device. They'll also receive login details in a separate email.

Please note: A student's username is their email address.

Enhanced eBooks

eBooks are enhanced digital versions of our printed books containing animations, video and interactive tools to help illustrate key points and skills. These eBooks are a great resource supporting our training courses.

Visit How to Redeem an RYA eBook Voucher, About RYA eBooks and How to Download RYA eBooks for more information.

RYA Recognised Training Centres

For further information about ePacks and the level of support you need to provide to students, please read TG15-15 Using ePacks for Courses on the RYA Training Support Site (login required).


Please contact your RYA Training Centre if you require further assistance with eBooks or the redemption code that you were provided with your course.

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