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Trade & Bulk Purchases

The key information on how to order for RYA Training Centres, trade accounts and other organisations.

How to Order

The RYA webshop is designed for individuals and RYA members to make purchases online. RYA Training Centres, trade accounts, and other organisations can either call or email using the details below or order online through our Online Trade Shop.

For security reasons, we are asking trade accounts to activate their online account by filling in account details that will match what we have on file. RYA Training Centre forms must be filled out by the Principal and will only be processed for current centres who have successfully completed their first inspection.

The secure email address does not have to match our existing records; this will be used to log in to your account, to reset your password and recieve order acknowledgement emails. Please do not use a generic email address if people can access the email account who are not authorised to make purchases on your account.

The phone number is so that we can get in touch with you if we need to clarify anything on your form.

Terms and Conditions

Trade Purchases are governed by the RYA Trading Terms as amended by the special conditions set out below.

RYA Training Centres

RYA Training Centres automatically have a special trade discount which comes with RYA Recognition to enable centres to trade certain items. This offers discounts not only on RYA print retail products but other items that we sell.

Please note this discount can only be gained by ordering by phone, email or online through the online trade shop (details above) and is NOT available on purchases made through the members' webshop.

Trade Accounts

Trade accounts are available to organisations that wish to either trade or buy RYA print items in bulk; credit terms are available (on application) for these accounts. Please note that trade accounts can only recieve discount on RYA items.

Provision of a trade account is entirely at the discretion of the RYA and we reserve the right to refuse a trade account to anyone who is unable to demonstrate the requisite credentials when requested. We also reserve the right to refuse a trade account to a requesting individual at any time if we believe the account would be used for non-trade or non-RYA sanctioned purposes.

Apply for a Trade Account

To find out more information or to set up a trade account, call or email the Publications team on the details below. Please include details of your company name, address, website, and contact details to help us complete the process swiftly.

If you would like to make a personal order in our online webshop, please check to ensure that you are logged in with your personal account.


Unfortunately, eBooks are not covered under the Training Centre or Trade discounts. They are linked to individual email addresses and there is currently no provision for widespread bulk selling of eBooks for trade (outside of ePacks). 

We would recommend that RYA instructors buy eBooks in the RYA webshop under their personal account to access the member's discount.

If a Training Centre needs to buy an eBook as shared teaching resource they can contact the Orders team but please note that no discount will be applicable.

Cancellation and Returns

Statutory cancellation rights do not apply to RYA Training Centres and other trade accounts. However the RYA will ordinarily accept requests to repurchase stock that is still current and in resalable condition for up to 28 days after the products were purchased. Requests for returns outside of the 28 day period and up to 12 months after purchase may be made to the Publications Department.

Contact Us

If you have any other questions regarding trade accounts please email us at

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