Funding your passion

As your sailing passion develops you might want to get more technical equipment, gain more qualifications, become a volunteer, instructor or coach, have coaching and travel to events. This can add up. But there are a number of options you can explore for support.

Individual funding

Funding can be available for: 

  • Talented athletes (often young athletes)
  • Coaching
  • Providing access to equipment to support disabled people to be active
    Volunteer development and training
  • Turning great ideas into reality

There are some helpful tools out there to help you find funding. Some are even free (e.g. GrantsOnline).

Trusts, foundations and other organisations are a good source of grants. Here are a few.


Can you offer something a company, organisation or individual might want to support?

Sponsorship comes in different forms, most commonly financial (cash) and in-kind sponsors (goods or services). In return a sponsor will want some gain or benefit, from goodwill in the local community to guaranteed media exposure.

  1. Work out what you have that is unique and of value that a company may wish to be involved in
  2. Consider the time you will have to commit to your sponsor
  3. Think about what a sponsor might be looking for – naming rights, endorsements, visibility on clothing and equipment, social media content etc.
  4. Decide what you have to offer and be honest about what you can deliver – what audiences do you appeal to, what profile can you offer (the sport and you personally), what is the level of local interest
  5. Do your research – the right industry, the right brand, the right contact
  6. Create a document, make the approach and follow up


Condition specific and disability charities may be able to help individuals to access sport and activity. Within the boating community there are many such charitable organisations.

Looking to fund projects to get more people active on the water or improve what your club or centre offers? The RYA provide a community funding website for boating.

RYA's Funding Finder