Trinity House RYA Yachtmaster Scholarship Eligibility & Scholarship Details

  1. The Panel is a joint TH / RYA committee which will interview candidates for funding of courses and examinations leading to Commercial qualifications up to RYA Yachtmaster Ocean. The funding is provided by the Corporation of Trinity House.
  1. The funding is available only to UK citizens who intend to work in maritime employment.
  1. The TH / RYA Scholarship is awarded to an individual on the basis of excellence.
  1. The scholarship will not be available for the funding of qualifying sea time or mileage.
  1. Candidates may apply for and be awarded more than one TH / RYA Scholarship.
  1. Training may be undertaken through any RYA recognised school that holds recognition for the course for which funding is requested.
  1. A candidate will support their application through the 5 following means:
  • Written application on the Trinity House / RYA Scholarship application form
  • 1 reference from an RYA school principal
  • 1 reference from an individual who has known the applicant for a minimum of two years, preferably in either an educational or professional capacity. Where possible this referee will have a maritime background.
  • Interview with scholarship selection panel
  • Evidence of successful completion of a seafarer medical which is accepted by the MCA (ENG1, ML5 or accepted equivalent).
  1. There will normally be two intakes of scholarship candidates each year.
  1. The RYA will recruit candidates for interview through their recognised centres. All candidates must be interviewed before a scholarship is awarded. The panel, at its discretion, may award partial funding.
  1. Training will normally be completed within 2 years of funding being awarded.
  1. The decisions of the panel will be communicated to the candidate by the RYA. There is no appeal procedure and the decision of the panel is final.
  1. Payment for approved training courses will be made direct from the RYA to the relevant training provider upon provision of an invoice.
  1. Trinity House will provide a piece of branded clothing for each successful scholarship applicant.
  1. Successful candidates will be required to provide a brief update in writing to the Scholarship Panel upon completion of their training outlining the impact the Scholarship has had on their career and any relevant developments within their employment in the maritime sector.
  1. All applicants consent to the use of their name, photo and details of their scholarship award for the purposes of promotion of the scholarship across RYA channels.
  3. The conditions under which the TH / RYA Scholarships are awarded may be reviewed and varied from time to time.

Courses and Qualifications eligible for funding

  • RYA Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster Shorebased
  • RYA Coastal Skipper Practical Sail
  • RYA Coastal Skipper Practical Power
  • RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Shorebased
  • RYA Yachtmaster exam preparation for Yachtmaster Coastal and Yachtmaster Offshore (Practical)
  • RYA Basic Sea Survival
  • RYA First Aid
  • RYA Short Range Certificate
  • RYA Personal Practices and Responsibilities
  • RYA Diesel Engine Course
  • RYA Radar Course
  • World Sailing Offshore Safety Course
  • RYA Powerboat 2
  • RYA Tender Operators Course
  • RYA Advanced Power Boat Course


  • RYA Yachtmaster Coastal Sail COC
  • RYA Yachtmaster Coastal Power COC
  • RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Sail COC
  • RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Power COC
  • RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Sail COC
  • RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Power COC
  • RYA Advanced Power Boat COC
  • Conversion exams from to sail to power and vice versa

*** Note – The first exam by a candidate is eligible for scholarship funding with each subsequent exam attempt being funded by the candidate.

MCA Courses

  • 4 STCW Basic Safety Courses

Other costs eligible for scholarship funding

  • Seafarer Medical Fee (ML5, ENG1 or MCA accepted alternative Seafarer medical)
  • The first Commercial endorsement immediately following the award of the Trinity House / RYA Yachtmaster Scholarship will be provided free of charge by the RYA.