Personal Watercraft (PW), commonly referred to as Jetskis, are fantastic and fun craft on which to go exploring. Small, lightweight and easily manoeuvrable, they are fast and exciting but need to be handled with care.

Whether you want to have a go on holiday or buy your own machine, our Personal Watercraft Proficiency course will teach you how to get the best from it and stay safe on the water.

Many UK harbours require PW riders to hold an RYA qualification to launch. You may also need an RYA certificate or ICC if you want to use your PW abroad. Find out more about our courses for personal watercraft riders below.   

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As well as the Personal Watercraft Proficiency practical course, there are a number of other RYA courses PW riders may find useful as you spend more time on the water and develop your skills.

Personal Watercraft Proficiency

A one-day practical course aimed at both first time and experienced riders. Learn more about riding a PW safely and responsibly, as well as the basics of navigation.

Essential Navigation and Seamanship

A basic introduction to navigation, tides, charts and safety awareness for all water users. Just two days in the classroom or eight hours online.

Courses ashore

From first aid to marine radio, there are a number of related classroom and online courses you may find useful.

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With more than 100 different titles to choose from, there’s an RYA book, eBook or audiobook for every age, interest and ability. Visit our webshop for course books and a range of supporting titles.

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Find out more about personal watercraft, requirements for riding in the UK and opportunities to get afloat

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If you want to use a personal watercraft overseas, you’re likely to need an ICC. Our Proficiency certificate can be used as evidence of your competence.

Our Proficiency course is suitable for anyone aged 12 and up. Riders aged between 12-16 should always ride under the supervision of a responsible adult.

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Our Introduction to Personal Watercraft Safety course is delivered on superyachts all over the world. Find out more about RYA training recognition.