Powerboat instructors

Information about teaching courses in the RYA Powerboat scheme and instructor qualifications

This scheme can be taught in a variety of small open powerboats such as RIBs, dories and sportsboats and is aimed at a variety of users from casual leisure boaters to professional small boat skippers. As an instructor you will therefore need to have experience in a variety of boats and situations.

Powerboat Instructor

Minimum age
Required certificates
First aid certificate
RYA Powerboat Level 2
Health declaration form or medical questionnaire
Five seasons experience of powerboating logged (preferably in range of boat types and sizes) OR one season for those who use powerboats as an integral part of their normal full-time occupation.
Pre-entry assessment Candidates must attend a skills assessment prior to their instructor training course. Details can be found in the RYA Power Schemes Instructor Handbook (G19)
Training course

Three day course assessed by an independent Trainer on the third day.
Candidates who are already qualified as an RYA Yachtmaster Instructor (power) may attend a one day conversion course, rather than the full three day course.

Course dates and online booking

Qualified to teach
Up to and including Powerboat Level 2 under the supervision of the Principal or Chief Instructor. If you hold the Safety Boat Certificate, you may also teach the RYA Safety Boat Course.
Five years from date of issue, provided that a valid first aid certificate is maintained.
RYA membership

Health declaration

You will be asked to sign a health declaration stating that you are not suffering from any physical or mental impaiment which has an adverse effect on your abililty to properly discharge your duty of care as an instructor. If you are unable to sign the standard declaration, you will be required to complete a medical questionnaire.

Progressing through the coaching scheme

As well as the basic instructor course, you can also develop your skills through teaching the Safety Boat course, taking the Advanced Instructor course or, ulitimately, by becoming a Powerboat Trainer. See the Qualifications section of our Training Support Site for further details.