Medical fitness



RYA qualified instructors play an essential part in ensuring that training is safe, informative and fun. Training afloat adds additional risks which are mitigated by these conditions of recognition, including the requirements for instructor:student ratios. Instructors have a key role in ensuring students receive the duty of care they deserve. To be able to do this they must have sufficient medical fitness to carry out their duty of care.

For Advanced Powerboat, Yachtmaster and Cruising Instructors a medical fitness examination is required as part of the commercial endorsement process.

For all other practical instructor awards, a signed medical fitness declaration is required. Where a medical condition exists the RYA may refer the matter to a medical professional. This would not happen without the express permission of the instructor involved. See 'Related documents' for an example of the medical questionnaire that would be used in the referral process.

The RYA is committed to enabling everyone to take part in boating to the fullest extent possible. Having a disability or long term medical condition does not automatically prevent a person becoming an instructor or taking part in formal RYA instruction. However, the RYA must balance the needs of inclusivity and duty of care in considering the role each person may play. See 'Guidance on the application of the RYA Equality Policy' in 'Related documents'.

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