Applying for recognition



A4.1 Prior to applying

The first step in the recognition process is to submit an 'Expression of Interest' form. If you have not already done so, go to 'Thinking of running a centre'.

The Principal of an organisation may apply for RYA recognition once they are satisfied that they or the Chief Instructor hold the appropriate qualifications, that suitable equipment and qualified instructors are in place for each course to be offered and the organisation's operating procedures comply with these Recognition Guidance Notes (RGNs).

On the Application for Recognition, the Principal must specify the training schemes/courses for which recognition is being sought.

The application fee, which includes the cost of any initial inspection that may be required, must accompany the Application for Recognition. Centres requiring an RYA credit account should also submit a Credit Account Application form. A credit account is a requirement for centres applying to offer RYA online courses.

Following receipt of a completed Application for Recognition and the fee, the centre will be contacted by the RYA. Where necessary, an RYA centre inspector will be appointed and will contact the centre to arrange a date for the inspection.

If applying for recognition to run distance learning courses, there is a staged application and approval process, which is covered in detail in the Shorebased Centres section.

Applications for recognition will normally be refused to a centre applying under a name that is the same or likely to be confused with an existing organisation, Recognised Training Centre (RTC), regional, national or performance squad, or which gives a misleading impression of market, regional, national or international status.

RYA courses must not be advertised or delivered until RYA recognition has been granted.

A4.2 When recognition is granted

Recognition is granted by the RYA when the standards and conditions laid down in these RGNs are met.

Recognition is held by the legal entity that operates the RTC (eg a limited company, a partnership or sole trading business) and is subject to the continued engagement by that RTC of the named Principal and Chief Instructor(s).

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