How to revalidate


Instructor Qualification and Appointment Holders Validity in light of Covid-19 Impact

The details below set out the treatment of validity of RYA Instructor and Appointment holders’ qualifications and appointments in light of the impacts of Covid-19 and its effects on access to revalidations.

Dinghy, Windsurfing, Keelboat, Powerboat, Inland Waterways and Personal Watercraft training schemes

Revalidation of these qualifications is a relatively simple online process and can be completed at any time in advance of the expiration date. Please see the First Aid page for options for extending the validity of your first aid certificate.

Sail and Motor Cruising schemes (Cruising Instructors and Yachtmaster Instructors)

Revalidation courses are running in 2021 but due to COVID-19 and restrictions in travel there are limited spaces and areas in which they can run. They are also subject to being cancelled. They can be booked online. If your qualification has expired please contact RYA Training.

RYA Training Appointment Holders (Yachtmaster and Advanced Powerboat Examiners, Powerboat, PW, Inland Waterways and Windsurfing and Sailing Scheme Trainers, Yachtmaster Instructors and Cruising Instructor Trainers)

Appointment holders whose appointments expire in 2020 will have until December 2021 to successfully complete a revalidation. If your revalidation has been postponed or cancelled you will have been notified.

For the latest Trainer revalidation information (dinghy and windsurf trainers only) please see the recording below or view the slides here.


For details of special arrangements for revalidating First Aid certificates during this time, please see our First Aid page

For details of special arrangements for Commercial Endorsements and Medical Fitness certificates during this time, please see our Medical fitness page.

As always, if you have any concerns or questions over your individual situation and the ongoing validity of your qualifications or appointments, please contact RYA Training to talk through the issue. It is our intention to provide all the support we can in order to enable all of our instructors and appointment holders to retain their various qualifications and appointments following the impact of Covid–19 around the world.

Revalidate your qualification

RYA Instructor qualifications are valid for five years, at which point you need to revalidate in order to retain the qualification and continue teaching.

We will endeavour to contact you prior to your revalidation becoming due, so please sign into this website and check your profile to ensure we have your current contact details.

It is your responsibility to check your instructor certificate to see when it expires and take the necessary action prior to that date. During busy periods it can take up to 28 days to process your new certificate.

Even if you don't hear from us you can revalidate using the links below. Select the option for your training scheme to see how:

Dinghy, keelboat and multihull

Online revalidation

Windsurfing Online revalidation
Powerboat Online revalidation
Personal Watercraft
Online revalidation
Inland Waterways
Online revalidation

Revalidation course dates and online booking

First Aid

Register for the online revalidation course


Register for the online revalidation course

Shorebased Navigation
Online revalidation course coming soon - details will be emailed to the relevant instructors.
Diesel, Radar and Sea Survival
Revalidation courses for these instructors will be rolled out over the next two to three years. If you hold one of these qualifications we will contact you by email at the appropriate time.