COVID-19 update: Due to the current restrictions in place around the world, there are a number of additional requirements and adjustments in place affecting exams and whether or not they can proceed. Whilst pandemic related restrictions have eased in some locations where exams take place, in others they have not. We urge all Examiners and RYA Principals to ensure they are aware of any local Coronavirus restrictions that may apply to the conduct of exams, and to ensure that they comply with those restrictions at all times.Please see the 'Related Documents' section for further information.

FAST TRACK SERVICE - NOT AVAILABLE - The Fast Track Service is not currently available due to an exceptionally high level of applications. All applications will be processed as soon as possible.

RYA Examiners are typically selected from the pool of experienced Yachtmaster Instructors (YMI) or Powerboat Trainers (PT) after having been identified as potential Examiner candidates during the 5 yearly revalidation courses by appropriately qualified instructor trainers.

On an annual basis the recommendations are reviewed and a shortlist of candidates are invited to attend an Examiner course. The shortlist takes into account the individual recommended and the wider needs of the scheme.

Candidates who successfully complete the Examiner course will be appointed as an Examiner.

Examiners are required to attend an update every 5 years. Examiners who continue to hold a current YMI endorsement or Trainer appointment need only attend an examiners' oral update. All others must attend a practical examiner update

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