Conditions of recognition



RYA Recognised Training Centres (RTCs) must operate in compliance with the RYA’s conditions of recognition, which incorporate the following forms, documents and publications:

  • Recognition Guidance Notes (RGN) are the primary source of information for gaining and maintaining RYA recognition. Throughout this website the RGNs are divided into four major sections:
    - Section A: About RYA recognition - requirements for all RTCs
    - Section B: Managing your centre - requirements for all RTCs
    - Section C: Practical centres - additional requirements for practical recognition
    - Section D: Shorebased centres - additional requirements for shorebased recognition.

    Throughout this site all content which forms part of the RGN has a blue bar, as this paragraph does, and also has a reference number made up of the section letter followed by a paragraph number, eg B1.1. Centre inspection report forms and other checklists refer back to the RGN using these reference numbers.

  • Training Notices (TN) notifying changes to RGN and other RYA training systems, processes or requirements;

  • Training Guidance (TG) which advise and provide further detail relating to RGN, TN and other RYA published material.

  • Inspection Report Form which refers to RGN and must be completed by the centre principal and the inspector for each inspection. Completed forms are submitted to the RYA by centre inspectors on completion of each inspection. If any items need attention following an inspection an Action Plan will be provided to the RTC by the inspector, a copy of which will be enclosed with the Inspection Report Form sent to the RYA.

  • Training Checklists which act as an aide memoire for centre principals and inspectors, and refer to RGN. Not all items on these lists are compulsory. For non-compulsory items, the checklists draw the attention of principals and inspectors to relevant considerations to encourage careful analysis of whether or not certain items are needed at that centre and in that training context.

  • Logbooks and handbooks relevant to the RYA training schemes offered at the RTC. The latest editions must be available at the centre and will be supplemented by Training Notices and Training Guidance when changes are required, until those changes can be incorporated into later editions.

By signing the Application for Recognition and paying the annual recognition or affiliation fee, the Principal confirms on their own behalf and on behalf of the centre, acceptance of the conditions laid out in the above documents for the standards of equipment, safety, tuition and management that are required.


By signing an Inspection Report Form the Principal or Chief Instructor confirms on their own behalf and on behalf of the centre, continued acceptance of the RYA’s requirements and agreement to complete any action plan set in the required time scales to maintain recognition.


Throughout the forms and publications named above, the terms 'must', 'should' and 'may' are used as follows:
Must Mandatory for all.
Mandatory for all, in principle, but consideration may be given to alternative arrangements. Any alternative arrangements that are agreed must be confirmed in writing by RYA Training and will be subject to review if circumstances change.
An optional action taken after suitable consideration or risk assessment.
When referring to staff throughout these RGNs, it includes any individual engaged by the RTC to deliver or supervise an activity, including volunteers, contractors, temporary and permanent members of staff.

If there is a conflict between the information contained in any RYA guidance, document or publication, the latest version or higher standard shall take precedence. In the event of such a conflict, the opinion of RYA Training shall be final.

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