Thinking of running a centre?


Each year over 250,000 people take an RYA training course through our network of over 2,500 RYA Recognised Training Centres in 58 countries. Our courses are highly regarded worldwide due to the high standards maintained by those training centres and our instructors.

Reasons to be an RYA training centre:

  • Our courses are based on comprehensive syllabi and course materials, and lead to certificates that are widely recognised and respected around the world.

  • Your customers will have peace of mind about your centre’s standards of safety, management, tuition and equipment, knowing that it has met the highest standards.

  • Only RYA recognised centres are allowed to use our famous 'tick mark' logo.

  • To support centres we have a wealth of experience you can tap into.

We are constantly pushing boundaries to produce forward-thinking resources which can be accessed by students anywhere, anytime. And don’t forget, recognised centres are considered to meet the standards of the Adventure Activities Licencing Scheme and may be exempt from inspection. Equally, clubs are given higher priority for funding by Sport Lottery grants. All this, with the full support of the RYA.

If you are interested in gaining RYA recognition, the first thing to do is identify the courses you wish to offer, and how you wish to offer them. For example, do you want to offer practical training on the water, or theory training in the classroom or online? Full details of all RYA training schemes and courses are shown in our Courses section.

When you have identified the schemes you would like to offer, please submit an Expression of Interest form. On receipt of that form we will send you further details and access to the full Recognition Guidance Notes so you can see all the information needed to progress.

As an outline, applying for recognition involves submitting an application form to the RYA along with the relevant fee. Recognition for practical courses and some forms of classroom-based courses require an inspection before recognition can be granted. That inspection will be organised on receipt of your application for recognition and the fee.

Information to get you started is shown on this site:

  • About RYA Training gives you a brief introduction to the aims and remit of RYA training;
  • All the elements that contribute to the standards laid down for Recognised Training Centres are detailed in Conditions of recognition;
  • The two categories of recognition - practical and shorebased - are outlined in RYA recognition, along with a general introduction to what being an RTC entails;
  • The Principals and Chief Instructors page details the roles and responsibilities of key staff at an RTC, along with details of the qualifications required by Chief Instructors;
  • Finally, the Applying for recognition page talks you through the application process.

If you need further information about applying for RYA recognition please email

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