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Pride 2023

The RYA is a proud supporter of LGBTQIA+ Pride Month

We believe that boating should be open and welcoming to all, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or ability.

Throughout the month of June, the RYA will be celebrating Pride. We want to cement the RYA’s commitment as an ally to LGBTQIA+ boaters and reiterate that anyone is welcome within our sport.

Diverse voices

Read the stories of our LGBTQIA+ members who are avid sailors and water users and how their experience of getting on the water has enabled them to feel valued, included and heard regardless of their sexuality or gender identity.


The RYA LGBTQIA+ Network is for anyone interested in collaborating with the RYA to identify barriers to participation for members of the LGBTQIA+ communities. The aim of the network is to help develop strategies and initiatives to break down barriers. Ultimately making boating activities accessible and inclusive for all, regardless of their sexual orientation, sex or gender identity.

We welcome new members. To join the network, please email the RYA's Equality Team.

Why the RYA supports Pride

50% of people who entered our LGBTQIA+ Inclusion and Visibility survey told us that they have personally experienced or witnessed negative experiences relating to LGBTQIA+ inclusion in boating or sailing. 

Some participants told us that they felt that by creating more visibility and awareness surrounding understanding people who are LGBTQIA+ and how to become allies would allow for more acceptance and inclusion – and we wholeheartedly agree.

If you are interested in finding out more, please check out our LGBTQIA+ FAQs.